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East Coast CBDs is Committed to Leading The Industry in Medical Marijuana Standards

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Who Are We?

medical marijuana symbolEast Coast CBDs will always provide Lab Certified Test Results for every product we sell.

We always test for cannabinoid content and can also provide pesticide, fungus, mildew, mold or other contaminant testing for a small additional fee.

We grow all Organic and also use all Organic ingredients in all our products.

We have some of the hardest to acquire medical marijuana strains available in Maine and work to create even better strains in house every day.

We offer custom designed medicines, free delivery….to your door and helpful consultation from a family of experienced professional state certified medical marijuana caregivers.

Please join us in our discoveries and success stories by visiting our contact page to begin the process of becoming a patient of East Coast CBDs.

East Coast CBDs in Unity Maine received certification for Clean Cannabis from MOFGA

What’s In Your Medicine

Why Does Pot Do So Many things To BrainCannabinoids harbor powerful medicinal properties.

With over 70 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, every strain has varying percentages.

This is why, some strains work better than others on different medical conditions.

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What is a CannabidiolWould you be surprised to learn that cannabinoids are in everyone’s body, even if you have never smoked marijuana before?

From the the day we are born, our body has a internal system called the Endocannabinoid System. This is relatively new to the scientific community and they are learning more about it everyday.

Committed To You

medical marijuana pillEast Coast CBDs are committed to leading the medical marijuana industry in the state of Maine.

As part of our commitment to you, we are active in many state-wide legislative discussions which affect access to medical cannabis.

Many officials in the state of Maine point out the fact that there is an opioid crisis running rampant throughout the state.

East Coast CBDs has joined forces with out caregivers throughout the state to help provide qualified patients who suffer from opioid addiction off of their enslaving medication to a non-addicting option.

Medical Marijuana is non-addicting.

We believe that with an active, caring coalition of doctors and other caregivers, we can dramatically impact the number of opioid deaths across the state.

We hope you will join us in our discoveries and success stories. Visit our contact page to begin the process of becoming a patient of East Coast CBDs.

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