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What is a CannabidiolCannabinoids are a very important part of everyone’s health.

Cannabinoids are present in everyone’s body even if you have never smoked a marijuana cigarette in your life.

Here is the deal……our bodies have a endocannabinoid system born in them from day one till the last day on this planet. This is new stuff to science…..they just figured out the above approximately 3 deacades ago and they are still putting it all together.

So……we know this…..when cannabinoids (which are the main medicinal properties of marijuana) are introduced to the body our endocannabinoid system works in conjunction with the introduced cannabinoids in a way that helps to promote healthy cell growth and helps to eliminate unhealthy cell growth.

Most the studies to date have been with rats/mice due to Federal Laws, grants, funding, regulations……it is now becoming a race to see who can finalize these tests with humans.

To see a list of human/animal cannabinoid studies relating to particular medical conditions visit our Scientific Studies page.

So What’s In Your Medicine?

Did you know there are over 70 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant?

These cannabinoids are the most powerful medicinal part of the plant and every plant strain has a different ratio or content percent of these individual cannabinoids.

This is why some strains work so well for certain patients while other strains don’t seem to do the trick.

Understanding which cannabinoid has which potential medicinal benefits is a important part of finding the right medicine for your needs.

 Posted on : September 17, 2014