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East Coast CBDs has Maine Organic CBD Medical Marijuana

Everything we grow is grown in 100% organic soil and only organic fertilizers are used.

We also water and feed with 100% Maine Spring water!

We never spray, always harvest when fully mature &only provide mildew, mold & mite free Medical Marijuana Products

We Offer The Following Strains

CBD Strains


Medical Marijuana Strain-AC DC

AC/DC– Average flower tests at 1% THC to 17% CBD


Medical Marijuana Strain-Dr CBD

strain testing resultsDr. CBD is our own strain we created by crossing the Harlequin strain with Juanita La Lagrimosa many, many, many times until we got lucky with a freak. Flower test results will follow.

Good Medicine

Medical Marijuana Strain- Good Medicine available at East Coast CBDs in Unity Maine

Valentine’s X

Medical Marijuana strain-Valentine

Valentine’s (same genetic family as Charlotte’s Web)

THC Strains

Captain Crispy

Medical Marijuana Strain-Captain Crispy

DJ Short Flo + Ghost Train Haze

DJ Short Flo-Ghost Train Haze

DJ Short Flo + Glass Slipper

DJ Short Flo-Glass Slipper

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze

Green Love Potion

Green Love Potion


Headband Starin of Medical Marijuana from East Coast CBDs

Maui Waui

Medical Marijuana Strain-Maui Waui

Maui Waui– Average flower tests at 16% THC

Lemon Stomper

Lemon Stomper medical marijuana available at East Coast CBDs in Unity Maine

Pineapple Express

Medical Marijuana Strain-Pineapple Express

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Medical MarijuanaRed Dragon– Average flower tests at 24% THC

Super Lemon Haze

Medical Marijuana Strain-Super Lemon Haze

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